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The Sanctuary of the Dead

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The Sanctuary of the Dead is the first level (slot zero) of Catacomb Apocalypse (1993). It is set in a brown brick and hedge garden adorned with depictions of Nemesis' wearing Egyptian Pharaoh-style headdress.



"The first level of Apocalypse has an outdoor garden-like theme with a few strange elements. The enemies here are gremlins and black spectres. And this shows what this is all about: Two shooting enemies types in the first level - the last part of the trilogy is FAR harder than the previous two were. You'll actually need your healing potions this time - at least if you're playing the warrior skill. There's also another thing new to this part of the trilogy: Fake walls (they are textured but non-blocking)."


  • Courtyard of the Sanctuary of the Dead
  • Narrow passage
  • Hidden niche
  • Northern halls
  • A breeze from the behind the wall
  • Hidden place behind the wall
  • Southern halls
  • Gallery of spectres
  • Wizard's hiding place
  • Wizard's Garden

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  • A sanctuary, in its original meaning, is a sacred place, such as a shrine. By the use of such places as a haven, by extension the term has come to be used for any place of safety. This secondary use can be categorized into human sanctuary, a safe place for humans, such as a political sanctuary; and non-human sanctuary, such as an animal or plant sanctuary.

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