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Good Map To Use

Map layout of Good Map To Use, as visualised in the Wolf3D Data Compiler

Good Map To Use is a test level from the Catacomb Abyss, residing in slot 22. It has no official name, but the MAPSABS.H file in the source code refers to it as 'GOOD_MAP_TO_USE_MAP'. Out of the four test levels in the Catacomb Abyss, this level looks the most like an actual level from the game. It has the structure of a maze and is populated by red and blue demons. This level is not accessible via the original DOS game executable. However, it is playable in the CatacombGL source port, via the level warp cheat. The layout of the level can also be viewed in the Wolf3D Data Compiler.




There is no LEVEL23TEXT entry in the EGAGRAPH.ABS file, hence there are no messages defined for this level. Interestingly, the floor tiles of every room are marked as if there are messages available.

Enemies PresentEdit

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  • The source file C4_PLAY.C lists only 21 levels. As Good Map To Use is the 23rd level, there is no ground or ceiling color defined for this level.